Our Baby Doll Yorkie Moms and Dads

Yoda - Mom

Yoda is a another daughter of Meshas, she has a cute face, short legs, compact body.  yoda has a very loving little personality.

Liam- Our beautiful extreme baby doll faced stud muffin

Liam is a gorgeous little boy, he has a extreme little baby doll face, short nose, big eyes, beautiful dark silk coat with rich vibrant markings, short legs with a compact body..... Liam has a loving, kind affectionet personality. He is 31/2lbs. 

Sasha - Retired

Extreme baby doll faed little girl, Sasha is 5 generations of our breeding lines her mom is Mesha and her daddy is Geo ,  Sasha she has the most amazing little faces a yorkie could have, she has the shortest legs and compact body. Very proud of this mom.

Josey - Mom

Josey is another gorgeous girl who produces babies with that baby doll face Josey is a darker yorkie and tends to throw the darker coats that are thick and vibrante rich color.

Russia - Mom

Absulutly beautiful baby doll yorkie.  Russia has that unique adorable little baby doll face, short  nose, beautiful eyes, dark coat with rich markings. 

Geo - Dad

Geo is a very extreme baby doll tiny yorkie, he has the shortest little nose, beautiful eyes,tiny ears all his features are tiny,  Geo weighs 2.5lbs he is 61/2 inches long x 61/2 inches tall he is a perfect tiny square.  he has the most incredible dark, thick pure silk coat that never mats. Geo is a very special boy with the most dearest little personlity.  

Mesha - Retired

Extreme baby doll yorkie.

Joyson - Dad

Joyson is the baby of the house ♥️ another tiny special little boy we have only weighing 2.5lbs. Joyson has a adorable little baby doll face,short nose , tiny ears, beautifil blue silk coat, Joyson is not as dark as Geo. 

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