Judy Lenz is the owner of Fc’s Precious Yorkie’s. She raises adorable high-quality baby doll Yorkie’s. Her Yorkie’s are very special and have little doll faces, short noses, small v shaped ears, big eyes, shorter legs,gorgeous coats with compact body structures.

Her enduring love for this amazing breed translates into producing beautiful loving pets that are ready to be spoiled & pampered.  Judy has produced some unique, adorable little yorkies that now reside all over the world today.

Fc’s has been breeding Yorkies just over 20 years now, at the beginning  Judy had shown her baby doll Yorkies and did amazing.  Judy finished a couple of champions one of them made a huge name for himself in the Yorkie world today his name was “Captain” which started the whole baby doll trend in yorkies many years ago.  Captain is the foundation of her lines now from many years ago with a solid background.   Judy finished two champions in one month then continued to keep winning. Judy finally retired showing her Yorkies as she just did not have the time to show anymore. Staying home with her Yorkies is what she enjoyed best and the yorkies aggred … being on the show road was stressful and hard on the little ones.  If you are looking for an amazing Baby Doll Yorkie get one from Judy you will not regret getting one of her beautiful baby doll Yorkies.
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Pets First

 We breed Yorkies for companion pets only.  Our Yorkies are for pet homes only no exceptions., No breeding rights on our Yorkies. Our
Yorkshire Terriers come with a strict spay/neuter aggrement and a 1 yr health guarantee.  Being a pampered pet comes first!

Our Yorkshire Terriers might not be your whole life, but they will make your life whole!

Have you always wanted to get a small lapdog and now that you are finally ready to make this happen, are you unsure of what kind of breed? If so, allow us to suggest a Yorkshire Terrier a Baby Doll Yorkie. Though small, the Yorkshire Terrier is active, loves attention, loyal, lovable, devoted to his/her family.

Once you buy a Yorkie puppy, you will have an adorable, loyal friend for life that will live for your love and attention.

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