Please read before buying one of our yorkie puppies.

Please understand that we can not guarantee a puppies size or weight at maturity 

When buying a yorkie puppy from FCS Precious Yorkies we would like our clients to know

When we chart a puppy to determine its adult weight we are going by yorkie growth charts and past experience size/ weight is Never guaranteed we can only give you a aprox size of what your puppy will be, sometimes the puppy can be smaller at maturity then what we charted or at times the puppy can be bigger then we charted.  No breeder knows exactly what a puppy will weigh at maturity we can be very very close  many factors can throw the charts off by

  • Yorkie is not getting enough exercise to burn calories off laying around confined
  • yorkie is not on a good diet, over eating, too high in fat or just has a low metabolism.
  • yorkie just matures differently then other yorkies which happens can be shocking at times but can happen.

We do the very best we can do when charting our pups we can not tell the future and sometimes mother nature can have a mind of her own. This is why we do not or can not guarantee a puppies size/weight at maturity. Please beware of this before buying a puppy from us we do not want you disappointed if this happens to you.

Another issue I would like to bring up is….if your baby gets beyond cuteness at maturity we can not guarantee this not happening :)

Have a great day !