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Our baby doll yorkie puppies prices start  at $3000 and go up,  to reserve a yorkie puppy a $500 holding fee / down payment  is collected after you have read and filled out our 1yr health guarantee and spay/neuter agreements.  Our Yorkie puppies will be priced at 6-9 weeks of age this is when you will be able to pick what puppy you would like from the litter in the order your deposit was received.

FCS Precious Yorkies reserves the right to have first pic puppy of any litter they produced regardless if a client has a deposit in for first pick.

Our puppies come to you up to date on vaccinations, wormed, updated health certificate,  microchip, well socialized, pee pad trained, 1yr Health Guarantee Spay/neuter agreement and of course VERY much-loved and well cared for from birth.  

We invite our prospective new puppy parents  to come to our home to view our adorable baby doll yorkie puppies in person and their amazing parents as we are very much proud of them and photos do not show their true qualities.

Our teacup Yorkies have the freedom to run and play they are not in kennels or caged , clients, family and friends say our baby doll Yorkies live the high-end luxury life, We do everything we can to make their lives happy, pampered, and spoiled as much as possible

Our tiny teacup yorkies puppies  go to their new homes at 11-12 weeks of age sometimes longer if they are smaller.

All puppies must be paid in full by 10 weeks of age or unless other arrangements have been made.

deposits can be made through Paypal , EMT ( email money transfer ) or sent threw your bank we do not except personal checks sorry,

**Please note**

We do not place ANY of our baby doll faced teacup Yorkies with breeding rights NO EXCEPTIONS ! PET ONLY homes for our YORKIE babies only,  all our yorkies come with a spay/neuter agreement , Registration papers will be released once we have proof your baby has been spayed or neutered at the appropriate age unless your vet recommends your baby waits until he/she is more matured due to being to small for this procedure. 

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Shipping information

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We do ship our baby doll yorkies puppies in Canada and the USA when I feel the puppy is ready and matured enough, We encourage and perfer new puppy parents to come to our home to pick baby up rather than having to ship him/her .

I love meeting the new families that are going to love and cherish one of our baby doll faced teacup yorkies also gives you a chance to see the parents in person and see where your new precious baby was raised . teacup yorkies breeder vancouver


charting our puppies size at maturity

Please understand that we can not guarantee a puppies size or weight at maturity 

When buying a yorkie puppy from FCS Precious Yorkies we would like our clients to know

when we chart a puppy to determine its adult weight we are going by yorkie growth charts and past experience size/ weight is Never guaranteed we can only give you a aprox size of what your puppy will be, sometimes the puppy can be smaller at maturity then what we charted or at times the puppy can be bigger then we charted.  No breeder knows exactly what a puppy will weigh at maturity we can be very very close however many factors can throw the charts off by

  • Yorkie is not getting enough exercise to burn calories off laying around confined
  • yorkie is not on a good diet, over eating, too high in fat or just has a low metabolism.
  • yorkie  just matures differently then other yorkies which happens can be shocking at times but can happen.

We do the very best we can do when charting our pups we can not tell the future and sometimes mother nature can have a mind of her own. This is why we do not or can not guarantee a puppies size/weight at maturity. Please beware of this before buying a puppy from us we do not want you disappointed if this happens to you. We have attached a growth chart on this page.

This is never right on and sometimes not correct at all but gives you a Aprox size your yorkie will be at maturity now many factors can throw this off which some are  mentioned above.


Another issue I would like to bring up is….if your baby gets beyond cuteness at maturity we can not guarantee this  :)

Have a great day !

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Captain is our foundation sire to all our baby doll yorkie puppies born and raised at FCS Precious Yorkies, he is amazing and a Champion !