Babydoll faced yorkies

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Teacup yorkies calgary

teacup yorkies BC CANADA,  CALGARY ALBERTA we have a tiny baby doll faced yorkie girl for sale, she is amazing at FCS Specializes in amazing  baby doll faced, teacup yorkies Calgary, they have the very short noses,  large eyes, short little ears, short backs with short legs our yorkies are amazing ! Our  shipping is available for our teacup yorkies calgary ,  baby doll teacup yorkies calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Prince George, USA, California, Florida, Texas,New Yorkyorkie breeder Saskatchewan,#babydollyorkies , tiny 


Maximum size 10MB

They are a high maintenance dog, they need a lot of love, attention, Supervision, yearly teeth cleaning/ vaccinations, they can Not be left home alone all day long their hearts would be broken.

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Teacup Yorkies Calgary

teacup yorkies Calgary yorkie puppies for sale, tiny female is available, contact us to see our yorkies calgary puppies, FCS has the most amazing tiny teacup yorkie with irresistible faces, tiny teacup yorkies with baby doll faces, our tiny teacup yorkies have doll faces, baby doll faces on our yorkies, we only breed amazing baby doll face yorkies, tiny yorkie sizes and standard yorkies with baby doll faces. Our tiny teacup yorkies can be shipped to Vancouver BC, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Toronto, California, yorkies for sale Vancouver British Columbia


we have the most amazing  TINY TEACUP YORKIES CALGARY WITH baby doll faces, tiny teacup yorkies calgary , location Kelowna British Columbia Canada, teacup yorkie breeder, baby doll faced yorkie breeder,  Kelowna British Columbia, Canada,

Welcome to FCS Precious Yorkies Premiere breeder of, baby doll face tiny Yorkshire Terriers ( yorkies)   our  tiny teacup yorkies calgary have champion bloodlines, they have calm,  sweet , loving, cuddly  little personalities. Teacup yorkies calgary breeder Canada , baby doll tiny Yorkshire terrier


We specialize in healthy,  Champion bred, extreme baby doll face tiny Yorkshire Terriers  compact bodies, short legs, tiny ears, short nosed yorkies  large eyes spaced far apart, magnificent shiny thick coats dark & light colours,  our tiny teacup yorkies sizes range from 2 1/2 lbs – 4.5lbs  at maturity you will LOVE our tiny baby doll face tiny Yorkshire Terrier PUPPIES ! Our tiny teacup yorkies have that baby doll face, tiny size with the shortest legs short back that everyone desires our yorkies are truly one of a kind !


We are located in the Sunny beautiful Okanagan Valley located near Kelowna British Columbia Canada Not far from Vancouver British Columbia Canada,  We breed/show Amazing, unique,  adorable baby doll face tiny yorkshire terriers that will melt ANYONES heart  ♥ We have  baby doll yorkie puppies available